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Shangji Automation

Another dark horse runs through the whole solar industry supply chain

As a solar "dark horse" that has emerged in recent years, while the silicon wafer business is rapidly developing, Shangji Automation is continuously advancing...

Shangji Automation ramps up solar cell production capacity

Shangji Automation, a solar PV equipment manufacturer, signed an agreement with local authorities to build a solar cell manufacturing facility in Wuxi, a city...

Shangji Automation to build 49 GW wafer and n-type cell capacity

China’s equipment manufacturer Shangji Automation announced on Monday a plan to build a new energy industrial park, which includes a 25 GW mono wafer slicing facility and a 24 GW n-type solar cell facility.

Shangji Automation poured over 20 billion on 30 GW silicon fab

On April 20th, Shangji Automation, a monocrystalline silicon products manufacturer based in China, announced its plan to raise six billion yuan to build a...

Aiko Solar to buy 552 million mono wafers from Shangji Automation

Aiko Solar, a leading solar cell manufacturer in China, has signed contracts to purchase 552 million mono wafer from Shangji Automation’s wholly-owned subsidiary Hongyuan...

Shangji Automation reports net profits increase of 360% in Q3

Chinese photovoltaic equipment manufacturer Wuxi Shangji Automation Co., Ltd released its third quarter report on October 20, showing an operating revenue of RMB 7.586...

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