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Astronergy sets new efficiency record at 25.85%

Solar module producer Astronergy has set a new efficiency record for its solar panels. After just 23 days of production, Astronergy’s newly established facility achieved an average efficiency surpassing 25.6% for its commercial TOPCon cells.

Astronergy sets new efficiency record at 25.85% | Solarbe Global
Image: Astronergy

Furthermore, the cells produced on the pilot production lines reached an average efficiency of 25.85%, solidifying Astronergy’s position as a frontrunner in n-type TOPCon cell efficiency.

Astronergy’s first n-type TOPCon cell and module rolled off the production lines in June 2022, unveiling the mass production of the ASTRO N Series modules, making it one of the first manufacturers to produce commercial TOPCon products.

As early as December 2020, Astronergy established a TOPCon cell technology pilot line, achieving a cell efficiency of over 24% and placing itself among the top performers in the industry. Since then, Astronergy has continued to innovate and iterate, steadily improving the efficiency of their TOPCon cells.

In February 2023, Astronergy introduced Boron-LDSE technology into SE-TOPCon cells and achieved mass production across all production lines. This advancement resulted in an efficiency increase of over 0.3% for TOPCon cells. Represented by Boron-LDSE technology and lightly doped polysilicon (LDP) passivation on the rear side, Astronergy embarked on the TOPCon 3.0 era.

With ongoing development and optimization of technologies such as advanced surface cleaning, Boron-LDSE, efficient back-surface passivation, and novel metallization methods, Astronergy’s TOPCon cell pilot line achieved an average efficiency of 25.62% by March.

In June, the breakthroughs with TOPCon cell technology continued. Astronergy’s pilot line achieved an average efficiency of 25.81% with the highest batch averaging at 25.85%. Additionally, the 182 mm 72-cell format modules reached a peak power output exceeding 591 W.

These milestones were made possible through the combined efforts of the research and development teams alongside the manufacturing units, said Astronery in a statement.

The new facility, equipped with TOPCon 3.0 technology and meticulous production line management, achieved an average cell efficiency of 25.6% within 23 days from the start of production.

Astronergy’s TOPCon 3.0 high-efficiency cell technology not only provides a technological guarantee for several large-scale manufacturing bases planned for completion this year but also serves as a catalyst in achieving Astronergy’s goal of 50GW module annual production capacity.


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