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Zonergy brings a variety of inverters into the European market

Solar power system includes photovoltaic system and solar thermal power. Photovoltaic system can be applied in on-grid and off-grid scenarios. On-grid systems include residential energy system, commercial and industrial system, and centralized PV power plants.


Zonergy Corporation has been a pioneer in smart microgrid integrated solutions since 2007. The company offers extensive product portfolio in four major categories including residential products, commercial products, large-scale power station products and PV modules.

Residential Energy System

Energy Systems for your home help you cut your energy costs instantly and over the long term by allowing you to exploit the unlimited power of the sun to generate free and environmentally friendly solar power. This is how you become independent from electric utility companies and do not have to worry about rising energy prices.

Energy Systems for Business help you cut your energy costs easily and long term by generating environmentally friendly solar power for your company. This will ensure that you are less reliant on electric utility companies and allow you to plan your future power supply more reliably.

Highly integrated solutions for centralized and decentralized PV power plants as well as PV power plants with mixed plant structures offer plant operators, EPC and investors maximum planning and implementation flexibility. Maximum safety and availability, and maximum long-term yields throughout the entire service life ensure the project's success and a maximum return on investment.

1. PV inverter efficiency

PV inverter requirements with high efficiency, on PV system,PV module is 10 times price of inverter ,in order to make the best use of solar cell.and enhance the system efficiency,must try to improve the efficiency of the inverter

2. PV inverter reliability

PV power plants are generally located in remote areas or on the roof, with high maintenance cost, which requires the inverter to have a reasonable circuit structure, strict component selection, and various protection functions, such as input DC polarity reverse protection, AC output short circuit protection, overheating and overload protection.

3. Input voltage range

The voltage of the solar cell change with the sunshine intensity, the installation location is different, and the quantity of PV module is also different. Therefore, the inverter must have a wide range of input voltage to ensure that the system configuration is flexible and the run time is long.

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Smart adaptive weak current network serves to avoid frequent grid-connection failures of the product.Independent dual MPPT tracking adaptable to different installation environment.Wide DC voltage range and longer power generation duration.This product supports remote parameter setting, fault diagnosis and software upgrade.This product with a variety of monitoring modes supports RS485, Wi-Fi/Ethernet/GPRS.IP65 degrees of protection makes the product suitable for various harsh application environments.

Zonergy Corporation has brought a range of PV and storage products for residential and commercial applications catering the needs of the booming European market. With Strong R&D, Zonergy has introduced state-of-the-art renewable energy products with smart utility for European customers.

Zonergy brings a variety of inverters into the European market. There are three types of PV household inverters.

1. Residential Energy Storage System——Venus: 4kW, 5kW and 6kW. With inverter and power control in one, the product has both grid-connected and off-grid functions. It is suitable for household energy storage.

2. Single-phase Solar Inverter——Mercury: The power is 3.68kW, 5kW, 6kW, suitable for single-phase use.

3. Three-phase Solar Inverter ——Apollo: 12kW, 15kW, suitable for three-phase use.

The inverter adopts the design of white household appliances, which is in line with other household appliances harmoniously. The input end of the inverter has DC arcing detection function (AFCI) to eliminate fire hazards and provide safety guarantee for users. The string current is 16A, which can be adapted to large size modules and bifacial modules to create greater benefits for users.


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