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CATL announces new perovskite solar cell patent

Leading battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) has announced their new patents on “perovskite solar cells and their preparation methods and power consumption devices”, “lead iodide preparation methods, perovskite solar cells and power consumption devices” on Tuesday.

For perovskite solar cells and their preparation methods and power consumption devices, abstract shows that the application relates to the technical field of solar cells, in particular to the preparation method of a perovskite solar cell, including the following steps: preparing a first electrode on a substrate layer, and preparing a perovskite wet film on the first electrode using a perovskite solution; crystallizing a wet perovskite film to obtain a perovskite film with residual solvent; conducting microwave annealing treatment on the perovskite thin film to prepare a perovskite active layer; preparing a second electrode on a perovskite active layer.

The chemical formula of perovskite is labeled ABX3, where A includes formamidine cations and/or Cs+, B includes divalent metal cations such as Pb2+ and Sn2+, and X includes Br‑ and/or I‑. The area of the perovskite thin film is ≥0.003m2. This preparation method can effectively avoid the problems of uneven annealing and solvent residue after annealing that may be caused by the preparation method using small area perovskite.

For preparation method of lead iodide, perovskite solar cells and electrical devices, the they disclosed a preparation method of lead iodide, perovskite solar cells, and electrical devices, relating to semiconductor materials.

The preparation method of the lead iodide comprises the following steps:

S10-Dissolving the iodine containing compound and the lead containing compound in water, respectively, to obtain the iodine containing solution and the lead containing solution; S20-Under heating conditions, the iodine containing solution and the lead containing solution are mixed and reacted to obtain lead iodide through solid-liquid separation.

In the technical solution of the embodiment of the present application, under heating conditions, the arrangement of iodine and lead is changed by controlling the reaction temperature of the iodine containing solution and the lead containing solution, so that after the combination of iodine and lead, lead iodide is formed.

During XRD characterization, the lead iodide has a stronger orientation on the (001), (002), (003), and (004) surfaces, that is, lead iodide with high crystal orientation can be produced.

The conversion efficiency of new perovskite solar cells can reach twice that of crystalline silicon cells currently on the market, with low cost and great commercial value. Chinese enterprises such as GCL Nano, Microquanta, and UtmoLight are dedicated to tackling difficulties.

However, at present, perovskite solar cells still face many problems such as stability, manufacturing process etc.


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