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Sungrow Listed in Forbes China’s Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage solution supplier for renewables, announced that it is listed in Forbes China’s Top 50 Most innovative companies and is the only inverter company listed.

Jack Gu’s Dialogue with Forbes China On Innovation. Source: Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd

Jack Gu, Sungrow’s Senior Vice President, called inverters the “brain” to manage modules in an interview with Forbes China. He emphasized the importance of inverters to be more intelligent and competent to support large-scale renewable power plants.

He added that, “When governmental subsidies to this industry decrease, PV plants must bring long-term benefits. Hence, Sungrow seeks to upgrade the inverter equipment with advanced algorithms and other innovative technologies so that they can help save the O&M costs, lower the LCOE and increase the overall ROI for all stakeholders.”

Sungrow’s innovative spirit is not only manifested in its solar inverters but is inherited in its booming energy storage system business.

“Sungrow aims to be a professional company in storage system integration and smart energy management. We provide three core equipment including Battery Management System (BMS), Power Conversion System (PCS) and Energy Management System (EMS), which are supported by Sungrow’s innovative technologies in power conversion, battery, and grid forming,” Jack Gu emphasized, “Sungrow will focus on refining the integration of software and hardware of storage system as well as improving energy management systems.”

Sungrow is Listed in Forbes China's Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

The company was ranked as the No.1 PV inverter supplier globally with 47.1 GWac shipments by IHS Markit now a part of S&P Global.

It also shipped a total 3GWh of ESS globally in 2021, all working safely.

Being listed as the Top Innovative Company also testifies to its capabilities to innovate.

According to Jack Gu, the R&D personnel in Sungrow occupies over 40% of the total, and the company is the Top.1 patent holder in this industry with over 4400 patents.

“When sticking to the main business of inverter and energy storage systems, Sungrow also seeks growth in wind energy solutions, NEV driving solutions, EV charging solutions and renewable hydrogen production systems.

This industry is creating numerous opportunities, but potential risks will also arise. Hence, we will remain proactive and prudent amid the complex situation and keep a close eye on the market and industry changes constantly so that we can maintain strong competitiveness in the long term,” Jack Gu concluded.


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