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600W+ trend sweeps Intersolar South America 2022: high-power modules become preferred choice worldwide

Intersolar Mexico 2022 was held in Mexico City from September 6 to 8, putting 600W+ modules under the spotlight. Earlier, the 600W+ trend was also manifested, at Intersolar South America 2022 in late August and Intersolar Europe in May.

600W+ trend sweeps Intersolar South America 2022: high-power modules become preferred choice worldwide
Trina Solar at Intersolar South America 2022

The combined figure reaches about 30 module suppliers exhibited more than 40 types of 600W+ modules developed with different technologies such as PERC, HJT and TOPCon. Remarkable progress has been made in developing ultra-high power modules, which are becoming trending products globally.

More than 40 types of 600W+ modules from 30+ brands exhibited

As the largest PV event in Latin America, Intersolar South America brought together nearly 300 upstream and downstream PV companies and 44,000 PV practitioners from around the world.

All the mainstream module makers displayed 600W+ modules, and some companies even exhibited 700W+ modules, indicating the trend of high-power modules. Virtually all Chinese PV module brands exhibited 600W+ products. Top module manufacturers including Trina Solar, Canadian Solar and Risen Energy all showed their 600W+ products. In addition, many PV companies in Latin America displayed 600W+ modules, underlining the increasing popularity and marketability of ultra-high power modules.

600W+ trend sweeps Intersolar South America 2022: high-power modules become preferred choice worldwide
Trina Solar showcases Vertex n-type module at Intersolar South America 2022

Most 600W+ modules realized on 210 technology platform, delivering higher power with n-tech

The South American market has long been a solid supporter of 600W+ ultra-high power modules. The exhibitors – apart from JinkoSolar and JA Solar, which showed 600W+ modules based on 182mm wafer with optimized model and n-tech – displayed 600W+ modules developed all using the 210 technology. 210mm modules accounted for more than 80% of all the 600W+ products on display at Intersolar South America.

N-type modules at Intersolar South America 2022
N-type modules at Intersolar South America 2022

It is worth mentioning that the modules exhibited by Astronergy, Jolywood and BYD not only adopt the 210mm format, but also apply the N-type technology to take their power up to 700W+, undoubtedly further highlighting the compatibility and unlimited potential of the 210 technology platform in incorporating new technologies.

S/NCompanyProductPower600W+ Technological Route
1BYD 690-705W210mm N-type HJT
2JolywoodNiwa Max700W210mm N-type TOPCon
3Trina SolarVertex N690W210mm N-type TOPCon
4Canadian SolarTOPBiHiKu7665-690W210mm
5Sunova SolarHi-Gilo670W210mm
7AstronergyASTRO N6700W210mm N-type TOPCon bifacial cell
9AstronergyASTRO 6665W210mm
11Hunersun 670W210mm
12Talesun SolarBIPRO665W210mm
13Sky Sollaris 665W210mm
14Haitai SolarTarzan665W210mm
15Shinefar SolarSF665-132M12665W210mm
17Risen EnergyTitan660W210mm
18Sunlight Power 660W210mm
19Canadian SolarBiHiKu7640-670W210mm
20Jolywood 635W210mm N-type TOPCon
21JA SolarDEEP BLUE 4.0 X625WN-type Bycium+ cell
22Haitai SolarTarzan610W210mm
23JinkoSolarTiger Neo N-Type600-615WN-type TOPCon
A part of 600W+ modules displayed at Intersolar South America

600W+ modules featuring “LCOE-oriented principle” become worldwide preferred choice

In fact, 600W+ products are not only prevalent in South America, but have also become the trend at SNEC (Shanghai), the world’s most influential PV exhibition, Intersolar Europe (Munich, Germany), as well as at leading PV exhibitions in Japan, the United States and elsewhere.

600W+ modules, built on 210mm wafers, were created in China in 2020 and first launched by Trina Solar. The premise is that 600W+ products boast the benefits of high power, high efficiency, high reliability and high energy yield, resulting in low LCOE, named LCOE-oriented principle.

600W+ modules based on the 210 technology platform have become the preferred choice worldwide. At the same time, outdated 500W modules with low power are disappearing from the market.


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