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Polysilicon supply under pressure amid COVID and power cuts in China

The supply of polysilicon may fall under pressure as manufacturers in Xinjiang and Sichuan are facing power cuts and logistic problems due to the record-breaking heatwave and the recent surge of COVID cases in several regions in China.

Dairy company to build 20 GW TOPCon solar cell fab

On August 16th, Royal Group, a leading buffalo milk products producer in China, announced the company’s plan to invest in the construction of an n-type TOPCon solar cell facility with 20 GW annual production capacity in Fuyang city, Anhui province of China.

China’s Ministry of Commerce suspends solar cell raw material export to Taiwan

As U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan during her Asia-Pacific trip, China has suspended exports of natural sand to Taiwan and halted imports of fruit and fish products from the island said in a statement released today.

JH Solar showcases at China (Jinan) International New Energy Industry Expo 2022

Solar module manufacturer JH Solar made their debut during the China (Jinan) International New Energy Industry Expo 2022 held in Jinan City, Shandong Province...

LONGi awarded China’s Most Sustainable Employer by Forbes for second year in a row

On July 8, Forbes China officially unveiled the results of the 2022 Best Employer Selection. Owing to its leading talent development strategy, LONGi Green...

China to offer over 2.7 billion subsidies for wind, solar power

On Monday, China’s Ministry of Finance has issued new subsidies worth 2.75 billion yuan (USD 410 million) for electricity generated from renewable energies.Workers inspect...

Asia’s largest passenger railway hub starts operation with JA Solar’s modules on the rooftop

On Monday, the century-old Beijing Fengtai Railway Station was reopened after four years of reconstruction. Its energy consumption for lighting, heating, etc. is provided...

Highway shelterbelt irrigation powered 100% by solar on China’s ‘desert of death’

On June 2nd, the 98th solar power system along the highway shelterbelt in the hinterlands of the Taklamakan Desert has completed construction.Source: China NewsThe...

China connected 16.88 GW solar to the grid in 4 months, up 126.7%

According to the latest data from the National Energy Administration (NEA), China has connected 16.88 gigawatts of solar PV to the grid from January...

China’s first solar-tidal hybrid power system starts operation

China’s first solar-tidal hybrid power station has been connected to the grid and starts operation at full capacity today.The project, located in Wenling, a...

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