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China strives to speed up commercialization of advanced solar cell technologies

China has laid out plans to speed up the commercialization of TOPCon, heterojunction (HJT), IBC and other next generation silicon solar cells, as well...

JA Solar plans to raise 10 billion to ramp up integrated production capacity

On Thursday, leading module manufacturer JA Solar released its plan for the issuance of convertible corporate bonds of up to 10 billion yuan to...

Newcomers flooding into solar sector, good or bad?

With the rapidly growing popularity of the solar industry, lots of enterprises have injected billions into the manufacturing of solar energy products. Among them, many are listed companies from other industries, like real estate, milk production, toy manufacturing, etc.

China puts big effort in R&D of next-gen solar cell technologies

Multiple national ministries of Chinese government yesterday jointly issued a file to further support national actions on achieving dual carbon goals through technical advancement. The...

Dairy company to build 20 GW TOPCon solar cell fab

On August 16th, Royal Group, a leading buffalo milk products producer in China, announced the company’s plan to invest in the construction of an n-type TOPCon solar cell facility with 20 GW annual production capacity in Fuyang city, Anhui province of China.

Shangji Automation to build 49 GW wafer and n-type cell capacity

China’s equipment manufacturer Shangji Automation announced on Monday a plan to build a new energy industrial park, which includes a 25 GW mono wafer slicing facility and a 24 GW n-type solar cell facility.

China’s Ministry of Commerce suspends solar cell raw material export to Taiwan

As U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan during her Asia-Pacific trip, China has suspended exports of natural sand to Taiwan and halted imports of fruit and fish products from the island said in a statement released today.

JinkoSolar To Start 25% Cell Production in Jianshan Phase II Factory

JinkoSolar has kicked off the construction of its latest n-type solar cell and module production plant in Jianshan, Haining city. On Tuesday the firm...

Global crystalline silicon solar cells capacity reaches 423.5GW: CPIA

The current global total capacity of crystalline silicon solar cells has reached 423.5 GW, up 69.8% YoY, with total output of 223.9 GW, up...

Fraunhofer ISE develops 47.6% efficient solar cell, the highest in the world

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE have successfully increased the efficiency of the best four-junction solar cell to date from...

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